Natal Charts And Lessons On Leaning In To Your Lunar Nodes With Intuitive Astrologer, Hannah Siddiqui.

All about astrology, natal charts, and lunar nodes with Intuitive Astrologer, Hannah Siddiqui.

July 10, 2019

Natal Charts And Lessons On Leaning In To Your Lunar Nodes

On this episode, we sit down with Intuitive Astrologer, Hannah Siddiqui of The Road To Hannah. Listen as Hannah shares her story about how she discovered the power of astrology and why natal charts can act as the blueprint to your life's path. We dig into moons and manifestation, lunar nodes, and Ally and Britt's own charts. From daily affirmations to moonscopes, Hannah shares so much fascinating information on how the solar system rules areas of our lives we never even thought about.

We'll talk more about:

- What lunar nodes are and what they mean for you

- The different signs and houses of the zodiac

- How your natal chart is the blueprint to your life

- Ally's ascendant in Capricorn and what it means for her

- Aries in Britt's ninth house and how it could benefit her in her lifetime

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