Release Yourself From Body Image Obsession and Discover The Power Of Intuitive Eating with Katelyn Parsons.

A conversation with Katelyn Parsons, a holistic nutritionist and health coach on nutrition, intuitive eating and why you should chew your food.

June 26, 2019

Holistic Health

This week we are so excited to introduce you to Katelyn Parsons, a certified holistic nutritionist and health coach. Katelyn opens up about her past struggles with an eating disorder and how she managed to change her mindset and relationship with food and wellness.

On this episode we discuss tough topics like:

- Body image, eating disorders and creating awareness around emotional eating

- How to be mindful about taking care of our bodies and how we speak to ourselves

- The power of intuitive eating and balancing the mind-body connection

- Releasing both emotional and physical weight and freeing yourself from food obsession and guilt

- We love how REAL Katelyn's approach to nutrition is. Her typical client is the girl-on-the-go and she gives relatable and sustainable advice on how you can incorporate healthy habits into your own busy routine (this includes the occasional pizza, btw!)

Tune in to listen to Katelyn's journey and advice on how we can realistically change our eating patterns to fit into the millennial lifestyle and change our thinking around body image to live a more balanced and healthy life.


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