How to Balance Indulging on Vacation While Sticking to Your Wellness Routine with Fitness Trainer Michelle Razavi

A conversation with fitness trainer Michelle Razavi on how to stay consistent with your fitness and wellness routine while traveling.

December 04, 2019

How to Balance Indulging on Vacation While Sticking to Your Wellness Routine

Just in time for your holiday travel plans! Today fitness trainer, writer and entrepreneur, Michelle Razavi is sharing all of her tips on how to stay healthy while traveling. Michelle is the creator behind the blog “Travel Like a Trainer” where she shares travel guides, what to eat and how to workout on vacation as well as health hacks from beating jet lag, how to pack healthier and what you should do to prep before a flight. We love Michelle’s philosophy on health, she advocates for balance and approaching food as fuel instead of “good” and “bad” foods. She believes in allowing yourself to indulge on vacation while staying accountable to your health.

We discuss:

- Navigating cultural norms and traditions around food in other countries

- How to prep for a flight and fasting to avoid jet lag

- The best workouts, what to bring and which exercises to do

- Michelle’s new marine collagen protein bar she created with good for you and good for the planet ingredients

- How to motivate yourself to get back into a routine post-vacation

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