Energy Upgrade: Balance your Chakras and Connect with Spirit Guides Featuring Reiki Master, Tayler Lynn

A conversation with Tayler Lynn, a Reiki Master and energetic intuitive, on what reiki and energy healing is, how to balance your chakras and tap into your spirit guides.

June 19, 2019

Chat with Spirit Guides Featuring Reiki Master, Tayler Lynn

Today on Mindfully Millennial, we are so excited to welcome Tayler Lynn, an incredibly gifted Reiki Master, energetic intuitive, writer, singer and performer based in Seattle. Tayler offers both in-person and distance Reiki sessions where she is able to tap into a person’s energy to help rebalance the chakras and release blockages. We love Tayler's approach to Reiki as a form of self-care. She views her practice as a collaborative experience with her clients and she loves that Reiki gives people the ability to take charge of their healing.

On this episode, we discuss:

- The concepts of Reiki and chakras and how energy healing works

- How Tayler began her journey as a healer

- Tayler shares real life examples of why clients seek out Reiki healing

- Benefits of both in-person and distance Reiki sessions

- Britt and Ally's Reiki healing experiences in their first sessions with Tayler. Ally's energy revealed some grief she was holding on to from the past and Britt tapped into her spirit guides

- Spirit guides, who they are and how to connect with them through a Reiki practitioner

- Overview of the chakra system

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