Krista Williams And Lindsey Simcik Of The Almost 30 Podcast On How They Stay Authentic And Present While Growing A Business

On today's very special episode, we're talking to the hosts of one of our favorite podcasts, Almost 30! Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik get real about how they stay present and grounded while they'

November 13, 2019

How To Stay Authentic And Present While Growing A Business

Krista and Lindsey have served as huge inspiration for us as we launched Mindfully Millennial and in this episode, we're talking to them about the hard parts about opening up to the public, vulnerability hangovers, and the beauty that comes from starting a business with your best friend.

On today's episode, we cover:

- How Almost 30 came to be what it is today

- How Krista & Lindsey stay present with their busy schedules

- Why it's important to create boundaries around being vulnerable

- What it means to stay true to your mission and purpose even when it means slowing things down

- How we're all just people in progress

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