What It Means To Responsibly Follow Your Dreams And Prioritize Your Happiness With Influencer, Olivia Noceda

We're so excited to share this episode featuring the one and only Olivia Noceda of @olive.eeeats on Instagram. Olivia is an influencer and content creator and she shares positivity, gratitude and hone

October 30, 2019

What It Means To Responsibly Follow Your Dreams

Olivia talks about what it's like to juggle two career paths, what it's like to explain to your parents that you're an Influencer and how she's starting to prioritize her own happiness.

- The inspiration behind @olive.eeeats

- What it's like to share so vulnerably on a public platform

- The Instagram comparison trap

- How she learned to prioritize her own happiness instead of living up to other people's expectations

- How you can responsibly follow your dreams

- The magic of letting go of ego and doing what you love

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