How to turn purpose and passion into profit with Africa Miranda

A conversation with author, entrepreneur and creator, Africa Miranda on how to lead a purpose driven life with passion.

June 12, 2019

Chat with Africa Miranda, author of Step Up, Step Out and Shine

This week on Mindfully Millennial, we chat with Africa Miranda, author of Step Up, Step Out and Shine. Along with creating Step Up, Step Out and Shine, Africa is also the host of the Africa Miranda show on Facebook Watch, where she regularly interacts with guests to discuss her views on religion, race, and LGBTQ issues. She's the founder and face of Beauty By Africa Miranda which was inspired by her glamorous travels around the globe.

She's a total girl boss and is full of real wisdom that's digestible enough to take with you into every day life. We love that Africa says it like it is and lives her honest truth every day. Her outlook on life and positivity radiates through the screen whether you're listening to her voice or watching her show on Facebook. We are truly grateful to have Africa on Mindfully Millennial.

On today's episode, we get into topics like:

- Leading a purpose driven life with passion

- The three P's

- How fear and failure are stopping us from achieving our goals

- Africa's three simple steps for self-care that you can implement right now

- How to Step Up, Step Out and Shine

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