Why Self-Love Is The Important Practice Missing From Your Fitness and Wellness Routine with Health Coach, Chara Marie Krangle.

On today's episode we chat with Nutritionist, Health Coach and Trainer, Chara Marie to discuss all things wellness. Chara shares her backstory with us which includes struggles with body image and obse

September 11, 2019

Why Self-Love Is The Important Practice Missing From Your Wellness Routine

She decided to break that cycle after attending a life-changing retreat when she realized she was missing a very important practice in her wellness journey: self-love. She now works as a health coach to inspire others to practice a healthy lifestyle by incorporating affirmations, gratitude and loving yourself. We talk about...

How to balance work, life and a wellness routine

Affirmations and gratitude journals

How routines set you up for a successful day

Intermittent Fasting and other fad diets

Chara's secret recipes (*hint* sneaky Zucchini)

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