Empowering Future Female Leaders And Breaking Patriarchal Patterns With Sarah Fay Shaaf, Founder of Miracle Girls Go

A conversation with confidence coach and founder of Miracle Girls Go, Sarah Fay Shaaf about empowering young women and breaking patriarchal patterns.

August 28, 2019

Empowering Future Female Leaders And Breaking Patriarchal Patterns

On today's episode, we're talking to Sarah Fay Shaaf, yoga instructor and founder of Miracle Girls Go, an organization dedicated to helping young girls find their inner strength and confidence. After experiencing a life-changing move and traumatic time in her early teen years, Sarah struggled with confidence and low self-esteem. After someone suggested yoga for her frequent panic attacks, Sarah began to see herself in a new light. She started to love her body, and was connected to spirit. Years later, after becoming a yoga teacher, she felt the nudge to start a program that she needed when she was younger. She wanted to teach tween girls how to build their own self-confidence and Miracle Girls Go was born. Through Miracle Girls Go, Sarah empowers young girls to create art without boundaries, to enjoy the outdoors to build both mental and physical strength, and to practice yoga to calm their minds and build their inner confidence. She helps them learn how to count and manage money, how to exchange money and how to talk about money without shame. She's helping to shape girls into strong, confident women and through Miracle Girls Go, she's also found where her own strengths shine the brightest.

On this episode, we discuss:

Sarah's struggles in her early tween years

The mission behind Miracle Girls Go

How we can help empower the next generation of female leaders

The importance of money management

How having a daughter changed how she spoke to herself

Breaking patriarchal patterns

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