The Magic of Using Gua Sha, Acupuncture and Other Traditional Chinese Medicine Modalities with Acupuncturist Sarah Jystad

Today we welcome Sarah Jystad of Jujube Wellness to the podcast! Sarah is a self-proclaimed “herb nerd,” acupuncturist, Gua Sha expert and TCM Graduate. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an an

August 14, 2019

Traditional Chinese Medicine Modalities with Acupuncturist Sarah Jystad

During our conversation with Sarah we dive into the many benefits of TCM as holistic medicine and the different practices including acupuncture, Gua Sha, herbalism and more.

We also talk about:

How Sarah became interested in TCM, from the health benefits to honoring her Chinese heritage.

Sarah's background in plant medicine and the difference between Western herbalism and Chinese herbalism.

Learning the Gua Sha massage technique, one of our favorite self-care rituals! Sarah explains the correct way to use the Gua Sha scraping tools for messaging the neck and face. Benefits include: draining the lymphatic system, ironing out wrinkles, relief from headaches or neck tension and so much more.

How to use acupuncture and facial acupuncture to holistically treat a patient. From finding the root cause of an ailment to combining acupuncture with herb medicine.

The concept of Chi- the function of life, energy and dynamic movement.

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