A Millennial's Guide to Meditation: Discovering a Modern Approach to an Ancient Practice with Author and Meditation Coach Megan Monahan

A conversation about meditation with author and Chopra Center Certified meditation teacher, Megan Monahan.

July 24, 2019

A Millennial's Guide to Meditation

Today we welcome Megan Monahan to the Mindfully Millennial pod! She is the author behind “Don't Hate, Meditate!: 5 Easy Practices to Get You Through the Hard Sh*t (and into the Good)", and our favorite guide to meditation. Megan discovered Meditation during a challenging time in her life. She had reached a breaking point after a stressful career in the music industry and learning about her father’s fatal diagnosis. Megan serendipitously found Deepak Chopra's center and learned how to better handle her crippling stress and began immersing herself in the teachings of meditation, yoga and Ayurveda. These practices had such a dramatic impact on bettering Megan’s own life and she decided she wanted to share her discoveries in a real and honest way. Megan wrote the book she wished she had when she was first learning about meditation. We love Megan’s approach - it’s real, it’s authentic and it speaks to a millennial audience in a way we've never heard meditation spoken about before. If you’re new to meditation and want some practical and realistic tools to get you started, or if you want to continue your practice, this conversation is for you.

We talk about…

- Megan’s journey to discovering meditation and her training at the Chopra Center

- Meditation misconceptions and expectations: You don’t have to clear your mind of thoughts and you don’t have to be so serious

- The physical and mental benefits of adopting a meditation practice

- How to be more present with our thoughts, actions and responses

- Using meditation to understand your self-worth on a deeper level and separating yourself from your personal “brand” or online persona.


Learn more about Megan on her website megmonahan.com

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