About Britt and Ally

Best friends and soul sisters, both on a path of self-development and sharing with you along the way. Britt and Ally met in college where they were both Journalism majors working for the student newspaper.  After college, they began their professional careers together at a San Francisco based startup.  

After Britt moved to Seattle, they found themselves on a linear spiritual journey to self-discovery and improvement. They decided to call upon their Journalism roots to share their conversations and Mindfully Millennial was born.

Britt and Ally are the perfect Yin and Yang, balancing each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Britt is a Manifestor and a passionate Aires, living in Seattle with her husband Artemus (who doubles as Mindfully Millennial's sound editor!), and dog Peaches. Britt’s favorite self-care ritual is her Sunday baths with plenty of bath salts and healing crystals.

Ally, is a Manifest-Generator and true Sagittarius with a desire for expansion and learning. Ally lives in Oakland with her incredibly supportive husband, Gordon who likes to try Mindfully Millennial suggestions for himself from Gua Sha to meditation.

Delving into themes such as body positivity, astrology, entrepreneurship, crystal healing, and so much more, Britt and Ally share real and actionable advice on how to put yourself first and feel your best during their weekly interviews with guest experts.

A podcast focused on self-love, self-care, and prioritizing YOU first.

Each week, we'll share a new form of self-care to inspire you to try something new. Tune in every Wednesday!

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